Heatmap Tag not Visible

Hi there,

I created a heatmap tag. It is working fine on web application. Tracker Debugger is also showing the Heatmap event. But under the report section, when i am opening the Heatmap. The page is saying to add Heatmap Tag. Why the already created one is not visible there. I created Heatmap Tag directly from “Add Tag” Section.

Have you checked if the data is being shown via our chrome extension? Heatmap & clickmap tag | Piwik PRO help center

I am waiting for that, as it is mentioned it will take like an hour to show results, Although data us present under Custom Events.

Hi, that view is just a placeholder that aims to build awareness of Heatmap tracking. That section won’t show any report and doesn’t check if the tag in TM already exists. As Kuba mentioned you have to go to the Chrome extension in order to see the report (overlay on the page you’d like to check).

Ahh, I was wondering around why data is not visible. Thanks For help