Can't Add Heatmap Tag


When I try to add a heatmap tag, I’m unable to do so and this message is displayed:

“you can only use heatmaps and clickmap tags on a site or app.”

Hi David!

I presume that this message is displayed in the Piwik PRO Tag Manager and looks like this?

@anthonybartczak , you are correct!

Hi David!

This notification shows up when you have already added the heatmap & clickmap tag to the site - this tag template is restricted to 1 per site.

Ah, gotcha.

I’m having a different issue. When I access “heatmaps” in Reports, the page says " To collect heatmap data, install and set up our [site inspector for Chrome] and add a heatmap and clickmap tag"

I am using the click trigger with the tag. Should I also use all page views as a trigger?

This report tab is supposed to redirect you to the Piwik PRO Site Inspector. This browser extension allows you to display the heatmap (and few other things).

The click trigger is enough and if you try to connect a different trigger type to the heatmap tag - you will see that it’s not possible.

Working now, thanks for the assistance!

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