Replicate GA4's engagement rate

Wondering if anyone has any straightforward ideas about how to calculate engagement rate in Piwik Pro. I went to make it a calculated metric and could use some guidance. Thanks!

Hi @cro1100,

What exactly would you like to achieve?
Would it be the average number of specific events per user?

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engagement rate in GA4 is the (artificial) reciprocal of bounce rate, which only exists because it was introduced later (following user demand). That means that both add up to 100%.

As a calculated metric you can replicate that using 1-{bounce_rate} as formula and “Percentage” for formatting. The results will look like expected:

But: As engagement in GA4 is measured in a different way, you cannot expect values to match.


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What I’d like is a custom metric which counts “engaged sessions”, defined as a session which lasts at least 10 secs, has a goal achieved, or has more than one pageview. I would then define engagement rate as “engaged sessions” / “sessions” to come up with the rate.

See my defn of “engaged sessions” above for what i’m trying to create as a custom metric

btw, if creating a goal makes more sense rather than a custom metric, that works too

also see my note about using a goal instead