Scheduled Reports not sent

I have set up monthly reports on two different accounts, and they are displayed as active. However, they have not been automatically sent so far, even though yesterday was the 1st of the new month. Last month, these issues were not present.

When the reports are manually sent to the recipients, the emails are received without any issues. What could be the problem with the automatic delivery?

Thank you for any assistance.

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Is this thread related? - Scheduled reports not received - #2 by asinior

Yes, it sounds like a similar issue. However, it should not be related to the spam filter. Piwik has been whitelisted there, and when the scheduled reports are manually sent to everyone, the emails are received.

Could you please share with me the name of the instance that you are referring to? You can send it here under the thread or via dm if you feel more comfortable this way.