Setting up consent form

I managed to setup the consent form properly. I setup youtube analytics as well as edited the form with custom text but it is not showing up in the consent form.

Is there a way to add custom consent? If so, from where can I set that up? I can’t find the setting for that or the youtube video consent, the setting is setup as per instructions.

Note: not using GTM or GA, purely Piwik

Did you mean a new consent type? If yes, we have one slot for that. By default it’s called custom consent but can be customized.

The consent form can be also fully customized (you build it in html/css/js) with use of this guide.

I went to Consent Manager and edited the form as in the picture above, am I editing it in the wrong area? I set French as default too but its not reflecting on the website.

I don’t want to go through the time involvement of a completely custom popup as it is a frontity project and too time consuming.

I realised that there was a Publish option on the top right, which resolved the youtube custom consent.

But it is not accepting French as a default language.

Is your browser language also french?

If the language is being pulled in from the browser, then what is the sense of giving the option of having a “Default” language? Unless there is a specific option to allow “Geo-location” or automated language change, the default language should always show first.

Default is used when there’s no match between available languages and browser lang. Here some docs on that.