Site Inspector does not show scroll data

I have added the heatmaps tag as well as different scroll tags and triggers (for different depths of scrolling). But in the Site Inspector I can only choose heatmap and clickmap. for the scrollmap it says I have to collect data, which I do, because the scrolltag generates data, which I see in the analytics. What am I missing? Thanks for helping out!

Hi. What event category and action did you configure?

Hi, I did different Scroll Tags for 25, 50, 75 and 100% scroll depth with scroll triggers.

Currently, the following rules have to be followed:

  • event category Heatmap events
  • event action - the percentage, e.g. 75%
  • event name has to be empty

As a side note, we’re about to release the new version of the plugin that will utilize the recently released built-in scroll tracking.

Hi Kuba, thank you for the advice. looking forward to the new version!

I changed the settings as you suggested. Now it works, thank you very much!

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Hi @kuba, do you know when the new version supporting built in scroll tracking will be released?

Hi :slight_smile: Most likely the 5th of July. :slight_smile:

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We’ve released a new version of Piwik PRO Site Inspector. Feel free to test it out :slight_smile: