Tag firing in debug mode but no goal response

Hi team

need support with a tag, which is firing in debug mode but doesn’t record when a goal is created.
Other tags created are firing and goals are also recording having issues with one particular tag and not being able to figure exact issue
need support
Best Regards

Hi. Can you share the tag and triggers configuration? How are you testing it in debug mode? Also, have you published are you changes?

I have set up similar configuration for other tags and trigger and they work fine, but only this tag and trigger do not reflect back in goal and yes it is published

Ok. And you test it having the consent for analytics?

Can you share the place where it’s implemented? It will be hard to troubleshoot without direct access to the site.

implemented on https://vinfastauto.eu/en

HI Quick support would be appreciated on this

Hi. Works for me with such setup:

click fires but when I add it for goal it is always zero

How is your goal configured? Maybe you should simply switch the tag template and use goal instead of event?