Translation of Privacy Policy widget/form - does it happen automatically?


When implementing Privacy Policy widgets on a newly set up website, I noticed that the bottom bar with the data collection request is translated automatically (to Polish in my case, basing on location I suppose), but it doesn’t seem to happen for Privacy Policy widgets. Should it be that way or can it be turned on somehow?

I use English OS being in Poland though, but I checked also on Polish OS.
I also noticed that my website had <html lang="en-US"> so I changed it to <html lang="pl-PL>", but that also didn’t make it “detect” it as I expected.

Multiple translations are available for Privacy Policy widgets, so how can those be made use of?

For now I just made Polish my default so it matches the website, but when I introduce another version how would those widgets display in another language? Also would be great for them to be translated to any available version, even if the rest of the website is in one language.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi gonerator!

The privacy settings and data requests elements don’t translate to different languages automatically. You have to copy and embed different language versions based on the language settings on your website.

I’ll file a feature request as this would be a valuable addition :slight_smile:.

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Got it, thanks for quick response :slight_smile: