URL problem on Piwik Pro tool

We recently rolled out a new website. We have therefore set up a url redirection plan. However, on the Piwik Pro tool, I still have urls from the old website that go up but also weird urls. Piwik tells me it’s direct traffic.
I checked on the search engine they are de-indexed and they do not exist as backlinks on other web sites.
You will find attached a small list of these urls.

Could you please explain to me what is causing this anomaly?
Thank you for your time.

How are the redirects done? Can you share a pair of URLs (old → new)? Tried a few from the screen and I don’t see redirects.

Hi, i’m asking the dev team how they did it because i remember that there were no robots.txt as we are using strapi as a CMS but we basically asked a 301 redir on everything i could find with screamingfrog on the old website i gave them a file like this :

Checked one of the URLs and I see no redirect. E.g this one: EPSILON France remporte le marketing relationnel CRMServices | EPSILON France | Every Interaction Counts

By the way, it’s much more convenient if you share a full URL instead of a screenshot. Practicing French is fine but full URLs speed up debugging. :slight_smile:

Do you have an email address in which I could send you the EXCEL file of the urls?

BTW. I typed randomly on my browser: www.epsilon-france.com/blablabla
After a url extraction, I noticed that this url appears in the list of piwik pro urls!
The tool does not distinguish between valid urls and invalid urls? Or is it a configuration problem?

Would you have a solution to this problem?
Or is it rather at the CMS level that it must be solved?

It depends on how you configure it. I’d advice to still track those 404 pages, so the full URL, but also set a custom page title like 404 not found. Then you can quickly find those pages by checking all URLs with given title.

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