Why “No data” appears in certain columns in the reports?

In this thread we discuss:

  • When will you see “no data” in certain columns in the reports?
  • Examples and how to interpret the “no data” message

Reporting in Piwik PRO is event based. This means, that whenever you’re composing a report, it will by default include data from all the events within given time perod. For example, let’s say you want to report on Goals, so you will use “Goal name” and one of goals metrics - let’s say conversions. We will also add “events” metric which counts all types of events for given report row:

You can see “No data” item in Goal name column. This is because this row represents all the events that have been processed by the report, but don’t have a goal name. So basically all the other events - page views, events etc. Let’s extend our example to see that:

On this picture we can vividly see that specific metrics and dimensions will only make sense for particular event types. Goal won’t provide page views metric for example, and other events won’t provide “goal name”.

To make your report concise and focused on the events you actually want to analyse, it’s best practice to use filters - but beware, by filtering you may narrow down overall scope of your data visible in the report, so you may not have context of all the other data. For example, let’s see how Sessions metric will work with Goals:

When using Sessions metric, it will represent amount of sessions associated with given report row and for e.g. calculation of percentage values, Sessions metric for given row will be compared to sum of Sessions in given report:

If we now filter this report to only include only “Goal conversion” type of events, this overall number of Sessions in given report will change:

So that’s an important consideration you need to take when composing your reports. When figuring out the right definition of your report, keep in mind that “Event type” dimension may bring you additional information when you are in doubt.

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