What is the gtm-msr page?


I have a 1 page website. There is a gtm-msr page that shows up in my page title reports. What is the gtm-msr page? I can tell that it has something to do with Google Tag manager, but I don’t know how to get to it/what’s on it/how to get rid of it/what triggered it.

I can tell 100% of them are coming from desktop, and they all take place in one day. I did not trigger 81 actions via GTM (like opening Preview) in one day. I would think it’s a bot or some sort that Piwik Pro is recording because the average time spent on page is 0.

What is this and how to get rid of it?

Hi there,

I’m not able to tell you what this page is exactly, since it’s something caused by GTM and it would require a deeper look into the setup to figure out. Are you able to check the URL of this gtm-msr page? Also, are those events still available in tracker debugger?

It might be a crawler/bot, so it would be useful to define it and block it in your site’s settings. Here’s a handy article on that: How can I ignore traffic from bots and crawlers? | Piwik PRO help center. Other than that you could filter this specific URL out in your reports, or identify the URL at an earlier stage and don’t send any events when it’s present.

Also, do you have any integrations, like Meta Pixel, set up on your site?

Thanks Sara. I’m not able to find those events in the tracker debugger anymore as those were from a month ago. Unless there’s another way.

How would I go about checking the URL of the gtm-msr page? New to this platform.

I do have other html tags on the website, like heatmap, facebook chat widget, and another analytics tool that I’m comparing with Piwik Pro. No Meta Pixel or any ads though, how come you asked?


I would recommend to make a custom report with nested dimensions (page title + page URL), that way you can easily click on the specific page title and see what URLs are associated with it. For nested dimensions to be available, you need to use the explorer type of report. If you want to learn more about our custom reports, here’s an article you may find useful: Create a custom report | Piwik PRO help center.

For my question, I found a couple of cases similiar to yours and they involved the Meta Pixel, so I just wanted to find out if this may be the cause.

Thank you Sara, I was able to create the report easily with your guidance. I appreciate it.

I found out that the gtm-msr page that’s showing up under my website is from the link https://gtm-msr.appspot.com/render2?id=GTM-[my GTM ID], it doesn’t have my website url.

When you said in the first reply that I can identify the URL at an earlier stage and don’t send any events when it’s present, is that the same as the steps you linked for ignoring the bots and crawlers? I’m asking because since this gtm page appeared more than 6 hours ago and is not in the tracker debugger anymore, I was wondering if there’s a different way to go about this now that I have the url.

I have a one page website, I noticed that there are other page title that do not line up as well. One called “No data” and one called “Piwik PRO”, but they all have the correct links (except for gtm-msr). The “Piwik PRO” page title only has the canonical url without any page section slugs (#), but the “No data” page title has urls that include the page sections, just like the correct page title does. The “Piwik PRO” page title is also appearing on Google Analytics reports.

I don’t know what caused these page titles and couldn’t replicate the “Piwik PRO” page title. Is there a way to fix this? In this case it’s not a link that I would want to ignore because both of these urls are correct


Since Piwik PRO tracking code is written in JavaScript, you can tweak the code to only track data if a certain condition is satisfied with the if..else statement.

For example, in this article: How can I set up Piwik PRO for multiple environments? | Piwik PRO help center we want the ID of our app to be set according to the URL:

if (window.location.hostname === "staging.example.com")
	window.PiwikPROappID = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000';
else if (window.location.hostname === "example.com")
	window.PiwikPROappID = '11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111';

Based on that, we could tweak the tracking code to only fire if the hostname matches your site:

if (window.location.hostname === '[your site]')

	'[Piwik PRO tracking code]'

Did you follow our instructions on how to track Single Page Applications? How to track a single-page application (SPA) | Piwik PRO help center. If you don’t have that option enabled, that could be the reason of pages not tracking correctly.

the URL, host and other stuff looks like problems caused by server-side / pre-rendering to me. If tracking codes get pre-rendered outside the visitors browser it would explain why data is missing in Piwik PRO I guess?


Hi Sara,

Appreciate the explanation! If I’m understanding it correctly, to get rid of the gtm-msr page (since I now have the gtm URL), you’re suggesting to tweak the code according to these steps you linked above to only track data if it’s my root domain, is this correct? Is this the only way to go about it?

Thanks for letting me know about Single Page Application. SPA has been turned on the whole time, just double checked that it is. Could there be another reason why there are the “No data” and “Piwik PRO” page title?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Markus, thanks for the comment.

I’m afraid I’m not too savyv with these jargons. In layman’s terms, do you mean the the tracking code is loaded, for example, in a frame? I don’t think I’ve set anything like that up via GTM or Piwik PRO, nor do I know how to. I’ve also not set up server-side tracking in any way as far as I know. I do use Cloudflare though not sure if that’s related.

Server side rendering (usually) comes with single page application stuff. Does that help?

I’m not sure if I get it… are you suggesting that Single Page Application setting is causing this?

Yes, that could be the reason

Hi! I would recommend you to also look into this article: How can I track a single-page application (manual method)? | Piwik PRO help center

Which states:

If your single-page application loads the first page slowly, page titles for this page can be inaccurate. We recommend that you set up a manual page view tracking for your single-page application instead.

There is a step-by-step guide on setting this up available in the article I linked.

Hi Sara, it’s been a while.

Just want to give an update. I notice that the Piwik PRO page title that appears in my Piwik Pro data has to do with the Piwik PRO - Site inspector extension on Chrome. Over the months, I’ve tested lots of different things that may trigger the Piwik PRO page title pageview, and the extension is the culprit. Look back at my data in the past months, I also notice that that page title only appears after added and started using that extension, and there was a surge of that when I was working with another Piwik PRO support on the extension.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten, I don’t know what about the extension triggers the Piwik PRO page title to appear instead of my website’s page title, and won’t be taking my time to find out any further, as it happens sporadically. I can’t seem to track whether it’s opening up the pop up, the logging in, etc etc so your team will have to figure that out themselves. I did have the “Do Not Track” on Chrome browser turned on and sometimes that can mess with the extension, just sometimes; I’m not sure if the DO Not Track has or doesn’t have anything to do with the Piwik PRO page title showing up.

I haven’t pinpointed the exact issue that causes this. I guess it has something to do with GTM and some sort of automated checking of tags as they seem to be very consistent. I don’t think it’s debug mode.

Most people notice this because the “referrer” or “source/medium” is gtm-msr.appspot.com but actually the domain/hostname is also gtm-msr.appspot.com.

There’s a setting under “Administration” → “Your Site Name” → “Data Collection” → “Collect data only from known sites”

If you check that you stop collecting data from domains you haven’t explicitly specified. You’re whitelisting what domains you can collect data from.

Make sure that you add all you sites and subdomains to the “Basic Info” up top on “Data Collection” so that you still collect the data from the sites you actually want to collect data about.

I recommend that you double check what sites you’re currently collecting data from by going to “Analytics” → “Custom reports” → “Add a report” → “Flat Table” and creating a report like this.

The hostname parameter is available under the “Page URL” dimension, just click the dropdown and select “Page URL (domain)”. Add all of these websites, exactly as they are in the table to your whitelist at the top of “Data Collection” in your administration module, with or without “www” and such.

I wrote up this guide as it’s happened to several of my sites that aren’t SPAs. If you have an SPA do a bit more research.