WordPress plugin missing defer=true

The Wordpress plugin v1.2.1 does async=true but doesn’t set defer=true for loading the .js

Is it possible to fix that yourself somehow?

Thanks :pray::pray::pray:

Hi. Could you explain what would be the reason for setting defer in this case? Please also keep in mind that it’s not about the wordpress plugin, but the default installation code that sets it.

The documentation says to set defer=true

(page 37)

The section that mentions “defer” attribute describes the JavaScript Tracking Client (a JS library used to track user actions on a web page for analytic purposes). It’s placed in the “Data Collection” section of the documentation, but WordPress plugin is installing Tag Manager script.
That script is used to load other libraries on a web page in convenient way. While one of the libraries that are loaded by default by Tag Manager is the JavaScript Tracking Client these systems are not the same. Document you linked has also section dedicated to “Tag Manager” and there you can see that loading scripts for Tag Manager don’t use “defer” attribute, only “async” (page 131), so everything works correctly as far as I know.

I hope that this will clear the confusion. If you have issues with loading JavaScript Tracking Client from Tag Manager as described by documentation, then let us know and we’ll look into it.