Delete cookie(s) to be seen as new visitor?


I’m trying to test the behavior of Piwik Pro’s session information (channel source/medium) for a site where the PP tag is served from GTM. I would like to be able to delete PP’s cookies so I am recognized as a new visitor for each session.

I’ve deleted the cookies associated with the website’s domain, but PP still seems as a returning visitor. How can I show up as a new visitor?

Hi David,

Here is an article that explains how a new visitor is recognized: What are visitors and how are they counted? | Piwik PRO help center

If you’re deleting the cookies while still being on the site and then generating events you will still be seen as returning visitors, as the session for which you’ve generated the events was a returning visit. To make next session a new visit, you should stop the session, delete the cookies, start new session. Let me know if this solution helped.

Hi Oliwer,

Is Piwik Pro cookie part of the website’s domain or does it have a different domain?

Yes, it is part of the website domain

Thank you for clarifying.