Site Inspector Not Working

Hello there!
I have been troubleshooting this for a few days with no luck. I cannot seem to be able to get my Site Inspector to load on pages I know I have it operating on. All I get is a blank gray box. I have deleted my cookies, and cache, and uninstalled and reinstalled the extension with no luck.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any ideas about how to troubleshoot this? Thanks!


Can you provide us your site url (one or many) on which you have such problems? Also version of browser and you operating system might be helpful.


Hello Patryk!

Cool name by the way! Here are my main two sites:

Thanks for your support!

Hello c.campbell,

thank you! Setup on those sites looks fine. Can you provide me all the things that might be in browser developer console (Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq) after you open extension (on any of those sites) please? If there will be some wrapped text please expand it before copying.

Looking forward for your reply.

Hey Patryk, please see the image attached! image|361x500

Hey c.campbell,

the reason for that behaviour are your browser settings, that have to be adjusted to allow Site inspector load correctly. On the following URL: chrome://settings/cookies (or manually go to settings → Privacy and security → Cookies) uncheck “Block third-party cookies”. Let me know if it helps.

Have a good day,

That was it. Thank you!