Unable to launch debuger mode

Hi, we are at the moment looking for an alternative to GA360, we have implemented the pIWIK Core plan to compare both tools.
We have installed the tag with GTM and we see that we are collecting data, tracker debuger is also collecting data, but we are having problems to launch the debuger mode.
We load the debuger mode but no cookie is installed, we have installed it manually us described in this other topic (Can not activate Debug mode).
In the DOM we also have run document.getElementById(“seventag_container_debugger”) but it´s not present.
Is there something that we might have missed

Have you used the GTM tag template? Keep in mind that this template installs only the Analytics tag. If you wish to use a full suite (including Tag Manager and Consent Manager), you have to install our code via custom code tag in GTM. Simply take our installation snipped and add it in GTM as a custom tag. Then also disable the tag created based on the template.

That was a quick replay and an easy solution.
Thanks works perfect now