Wipe existing data clean to start over (Getting a new container id?)

Hi, I’ve recently added piwok to my react website. The problem is that I was testing different events on my local project for a good few hours, now I want to push this code to production, but if I do that my data will be incorrect since user data will mix with the data coming from me when I was testing. How could I wipe my data clean so that I no longer see the data I created when I was testing?

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Unfortunately, you will not be able to wipe this data out anymore, but what you could do for future testing purposes is to include your IP address in the Don’t collect data from these IP addresses section. Here is an article on how to set it up: How can I ignore traffic from my office? | Piwik PRO help center

Also, you could add a condition in your reports to exclude your IP address and the current data that you collected from your testing sessions from showing up in there. For example, you could use the following condition: “IPv4 address not equals (YOUR IP ADDRESS)”:

Also, here are a few useful articles on how to create the reports:

Thank you, I’ll use these tips, to reset the data I added the site as new from scratch and then copied some things from the previous one which worked.